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Wednesday, 29 August 2007

Apple Launch Video Download Service In The UK

Apple have bolstered their UK iTunes service with the addition of video downloads. Now Brits will be able to download their favourite TV Programs right onto their pods!

For now the service is pretty much restricted to US TV shows, so if you are a Vicar Of Dibley fan, i wouldn't get your hopes up just yet (Yes, I've already checked). Considering your favourite programs are American then you are just fine! Some of the most notable programs available are Lost, Ugly Betty, Prison Break and Desperate Housewives but there is a whole galaxy more to choose from.

Of course there is a price involved, i mean it is iTunes. In the BBCs story on this new service they made it very clear that "UNLIKE the BBC, Apple will charge their customers £1.89 an episode" and even though they did mention that their own service is just "catch up", they didn't stress too much upon the fact that through iTunes you actually get to KEEP the program apposed to the BBC option where you only get 7 days to watch it before it is snatched from you, never to be seen again! Content downloaded via iTunes can be viewed on iPods, TV (both regular and widescreen) and can also be used through an Apple TV box.

You can check out iTunes new video service at iTunes UK. The variety of shows available is nothing short of excellent!