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Wednesday, 20 December 2006

Google Earth? Shouldn't It Be Google Moon?

Has Google just opened up there new HQ on the surface of the moon? Well.... not quite, but, Google have teamed up with NASA to take their Google Earth Map to a whole new level! Using NASA's amazing exploration work which no-one outside NASA is currently allowed to view, Google are going to be putting together 3D maps of the Moon and Mars. Once the final product is released, it will also have 3D virtual flights over lunar and Martian canyons and real-time tracking of the space station and space shuttle! If you ask me? This sounds pretty cool! Make sure to check back soon for more details on this project.

Click Here to go to Google Earth

Tuesday, 12 December 2006

The Netgear Skype WiFi Phone

Some people i have spoke to about the new Skype WiFi Phone don't really understand what it actually is and how it works, so i have decided to explain it in a simple way. The Skype WiFi Phone allows you to make FREE Internet phone calls to anyone who has Skype, anywhere in the world without using a PC! Some have asked, "How can you make Internet phone calls without a PC?" Well the answer is: The Netgear Skype WiFi phone is the first wireless Internet phone and as long as you are within a Wifi, wireless Internet accessible network then the phone works! The phone has a great colour display and comes with Skype all set up, you just need to sign into your account and your off and running. Your contact list will be displayed on screen and show you who is online and offline and who is able to talk.

Wireless Phone Chargers Coming Soon, About Time!

Yes the wireless phone charger is finally on its way! Losing the plot after hearing that annoying little beep that lets you know that your phone is going to die while in the middle of a call, waiting on an important call, in an emergency or when you are just about to defeat Brazil at Fifa 2006 could all be a thing of the past! US company WildCharge have made this wireless charger so that it could be as easy as placing your phone down on an electrified pad the same size as a mousemat! For the last few years, these kind of chargers have been rumoured but with the CES exhibition coming up in January, it looks like this could be a real contender for the prize. Makers WildCharge claim that there roll-up pad will charge devices placed on it simultaneously and also work with most existing gadgets! This device is expected to be priced at about $40 which ain't too bad at all! The CES Exhibition will be taking place in Las Vegas next month so be sure to stay tuned for more details on this great little gadget! Carrying about chargers, adapters and all other sorts of annoying and usually useless pieces of equipment looks to be coming to an end!.

Saturday, 9 December 2006

The Top 5 Camera Phones For Christmas 2006

Who remembers the days when Camera Phones were blurred, fuzzy or just plain an simply... rubbish! I am glad to say that this is all a thing of the past and Camera Phones have come a long way since then. You can now purchase a mobile phone that has a 3 mega pixels+ camera on it! and almost all camera phones also act as video recorders nowadays so you can capture those memorable moments on video.

Here i have listed the top 5 Camera Phones for this Christmas.

1) Sony Ericsson K800i

With its 3.2 Mega pixel Camera, the Sony Ericsson K800i is as much a Digital Camera as it is a mobile phone. This phone manages to take professional quality photo's without have to lose its sleekish cool style or its small size. It also has a Best Pic function which takes numerous pictures at once so you can choose the best and discard the rest! This phone is also great value for money and is FREE on most contracts!

2) Nokia N93

This may be the most advance Camera Phone that you are able to buy at the moment! It has a 3.2 mega pixel Camera and a Carl Zeiss lens and it is capable of taking movies of DVD quality! The Twist Open design that the Nokia N93 possesses does actually make it look like a mini video camera. Quality however does come at a price, a price of around £400 that is for pay as you go, however it can be purchased for FREE on Pay Monthly but this is a real quality piece of technology!

3) Samsung SCH-A990

With a swivel head flash and an excellent 3.2 mega pixel this phone is extremely stylish and has all the great quality you need. You can store images on a micro CD card and capture up to an hour of video. other features include an MP3 Player, TV-out cable, stereo speakers and you can print images wirelessly via Bluetooth.

4) LG KG920

How LG managed to squeeze such an amount of great features into a handset that is just 18mm wide i will never know, but they have. This phone contains a 5 Mega pixel digital camera! auto focus lens, video recorder and a powerful strobe flash that reduces red eye. With its twisty screen it is also very simple to take self portraits. An excellent piece of equipment!

5) Samsung D900

The sliding Samsung D900 is ultra-light weighing in at only 100g and its slim 13mm body also makes it the slimmest phone in the top 5. With a 3.13 mega pixel camera it is of very high quality and for those of you who are just not happy at viewing your pics just on your mobile phone, the Samsung D900 comes with a TV out lead so you can view them in a slide-show on your TV!

Friday, 8 December 2006

New Nintendo Wii Launched In UK Today!

As of today the new Nintendo Wii is officially available to buy in the UK! The Nintendo Wii is the most innovative and creative gaming console ever to be made. What sets the Wii apart and makes it different from everything else is its unique controller. Manipulating the action on the screen with this unique controller is simply amazing! Then when you bring the "Nunchuck" (which is the second controller) into play, even more amazing options beacome available to you. Playing golf is a good example, you simply hold the controller like a golf club and swing just as you would in a proper game of golf and it carries the motion out on-screen! Its grpahics may not be the same as the X-Box 360 or the new Playstation 3 but for sheer gameplay there is none other like it! The Wii is not a multi-entertainment system which most other games consoles seem to be nowadays, if your wanting it to play movies, have a huge hard disk or fry an egg for you! then it aint gonna happen, it is all about gaming! However you do get the Virtual Console service which allows you to download previous N64, Super Nintendo and Sega Mega drive games. At a launch date price of £179 with the Wii sports games package, i consider this to be an absolute bargain! This console is a must try! and is guranteed to bring a lot of fun and laughs!

Click here to go to the Official Nintendo Wii Homepage

Below is a great video description of the Nintendo Wii.

Tuesday, 5 December 2006

Samsung BD-P1000

Its the Uk's first Blu-Ray player, it looks amazing but how good is it.....

Blu-ray is finally here and, according to its backers, it’s going to take us, “Beyond High Definition.” But with the evidence that it gives us, there’s still a long way to go before that’s anything more than just marketing hype. The start up time feels slower than a DVD Player however it is quicker than Toshiba’s HD-A1 (the import-only flag-bearer of the HD-DVD format). Blu-ray discs play back at maxi-def 1080p. The player also upscales regular DVDs. Adaptation and Lost look pretty impressive when boosted to pseudo-1080i however titles are limited for this thing and you could be waiting a while to actually watch something you want to watch on this high quality machine. This isnt a bad player but is it the new relevation of the future we've been led to expect? No! and is it worth £1000??

Check it out a bit more at http://www.samsung.com/Products/Blu_ray/Blu_rayPlayer/BD_P1000XAA.asp

Monday, 4 December 2006

Bt Vision Television

UK Telephone company BT officially launches its new Vision Television service. It includes access to over 40 Freeview Channels via your existing aerial, all the standard channels plus great extras like BBC Three, E4, Film 4, Sky News and CBeebies and over 20 crystal-clear radio stations all for free. Other than the Freeview Channels they have launched are BT Vision Film, BT Vision Sport, BT Vision Kids, BT Vision Music and BT Vision TV and have just signed a contract to view Premiership football Bt Vision also includes Total Television Control which means you can choose WHAT you watch, WHEN you want to watch it! Choose your own start time, pause and rewind live TV and record up to 80 hours of Freeview TV shows. To receive BT Vision in your home you'll need BT Total Broadband. But you simply sign up when purchasing BT Vision. They give you the the BT Vision V-box and a free BT Home Hub wireless router for BT Total Broadband.

Have a look of BT Vision some more at http://www.btvision.bt.com/

Click here to go directly to the online BT Shop