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Friday, 8 December 2006

New Nintendo Wii Launched In UK Today!

As of today the new Nintendo Wii is officially available to buy in the UK! The Nintendo Wii is the most innovative and creative gaming console ever to be made. What sets the Wii apart and makes it different from everything else is its unique controller. Manipulating the action on the screen with this unique controller is simply amazing! Then when you bring the "Nunchuck" (which is the second controller) into play, even more amazing options beacome available to you. Playing golf is a good example, you simply hold the controller like a golf club and swing just as you would in a proper game of golf and it carries the motion out on-screen! Its grpahics may not be the same as the X-Box 360 or the new Playstation 3 but for sheer gameplay there is none other like it! The Wii is not a multi-entertainment system which most other games consoles seem to be nowadays, if your wanting it to play movies, have a huge hard disk or fry an egg for you! then it aint gonna happen, it is all about gaming! However you do get the Virtual Console service which allows you to download previous N64, Super Nintendo and Sega Mega drive games. At a launch date price of £179 with the Wii sports games package, i consider this to be an absolute bargain! This console is a must try! and is guranteed to bring a lot of fun and laughs!

Click here to go to the Official Nintendo Wii Homepage

Below is a great video description of the Nintendo Wii.

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