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Monday, 30 July 2007

Topfield PVR - The Sky + (Plus) Replacement

The Topfield PVR Box: It is the Sky Plus Box without the monthly subscribtion fees...

Sky TV has the reputation of being the big boys of the TV world, with the amount of services and the quality of services Sky have on offer, such as Sky + and Sky HD, there is not really much else out there than can compete. Or is there?

Freeview boxes are very popular in the UK and although they don't give you the huge variety of channels that Sky do, at least you are not restricted to episodes of Eastenders, Coronation Street, Emmerdale and Hollyoaks! Plus they are great for the bedroom. Not to mention extremely cheap! With a freeview box however you cannot pause, rewind or record live television like you can with Sky Plus. Well you can now!

The Topfield PVR box is 2 freeview boxes in one and it has a 250 GB Hard Drive. As well as receiving loads more great digital channels for FREE! You can now pause, rewind or record LIVE TV just like the Sky + box. And there is no need for a disastrous dish bolted onto the side of your house, no monthly fees and no installation fee! You just buy the box and that is it, no more spending, no direct debit stealing your well earned pennies every month.... done!

The Topfield PVR can record 2 channels at once while you watch another 2 programs at the same time! Yeah, 2 at the same time, you heard right. But there is more, you'll love this. The Topfield PVR can be hooked up to your PC simply through USB. This means you can transfer stored TV programs from your Topfield box to your PC or transfer files from your PC to your Topfield box. So if you are totally Eastenders daft! You can put episodes of Eastenders on your PC then burn them to DVD! You can be the proud owner of the worlds first Eastenders DVD collection.

Price: £250
Available at: Firebox

Friday, 27 July 2007

BBC iPlayer Update: BBC iPlayer Is Launched Today

BBC iPlayer News

Today BBC have launched their new BBC iPlayer in Public Beta. Want to catch all of the top TV programs from the BBC on your computer? Click here to get BBC iPlayer.

Thursday, 26 July 2007

BBC iPlayer Goes Online This Friday

This Friday the BBC will launch the long awaited iPlayer. Having clicked on to the fact that online telly is pretty much in demand, they may have left it a bit later than they should have but who cares, it is here now, well almost.

This means that choosing between YouTube'ing and general web browsing or watching an episode of Eastenders on TV is a thing of the past, after all, why should you have to glance your eyes over to the TV, that just takes WAY too much effort right? Let alone having to stand up to go over and press the button to turn the thing on. Well now you can stay cemented to your computer chair and enjoy both like a "Computer Chair Potato".

A plus point on the iPlayer is that the Beeb have changed it from invite only (like Joost) to Public Beta which means everyone can give it a go! Or does it? Well.... unfortunately it doesn't mean that anyone can give it a go, along with plus points i guess you always have to have..... minus points?

Anyway, that means that their are some drawbacks. For example, BBC iPlayer will only work on Windows XP and will not work on Mac, Linux or Vista initially, down to DRM matters (Yes, damn those bloody DRMs!) Which has resulted in a strong appeal for the player to be banned until it is available to everyone. But fortunately the plan is full steam ahead and it will be released on the 27th July.

As a consolation for Mac, Linux and Vista users, a version is expected to be released for the Mac in the Autumn with Vista and Linux expected to be slightly later. You know, that ain't really much of a consolation is it? If you have ditched XP for a more hip Vista or converted to Mac or Linux, i suggest you fetch it back out of the bottom of the cupboard!

Friday, 6 July 2007

O2 To Win Fight For UK iPhone Contract?

Apple iPhone News

The race to win the iPhone contract in the UK is heating up big time! Vodafone have been the supposed front runners to win the iPhone contract pretty much since the JesusPhone was first announced but T-Mobile jamp into the race last week and now according to the BBC, O2 are going to come first in this iPhone marathon.

According to the BBC, O2 are set to sign an exclusive contract very soon, and that the iPhone will be available in the UK by Christmas, even though O2 owners Telefonica have said that no deal has been agreed!

I'm sure next week Virgin Mobile will be striking up a super deal with Apple then the day after that Orange will be providing us with more fabulous iPhone announcements. God knows who will be giving us this mobile monstrosity. My theory for now is that the UK iPhone is a myth, maybe we will never see it? But don't worry folks, more often than not, i am wrong.

Thursday, 5 July 2007

LG And YouTube Team Up For The "YouTube Phone"

Following LG's team up with Google not to long ago to bring us the LG KU-580 (or Google Phone if you will) LG are now going to give us the YouTube Phone.

It is an LG mobile that is specially optimised for YouTube. The new YouTube-enabled handsets will feature a brand new LG user interface for easily accessing and uploading video content. This means all you wannabe directors will be able to film, upload and view videos on YouTube using just your mobile phone, no need for a computer at all. So if you are a hardcore YouTube'er, you can throw that PC of yours out the window rock n roll style and get yourself one of these bad boys.

The phone is expected to be available in Europe some time in the second half of the year.

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Wednesday, 4 July 2007

Nintendo Wii Style Mobile Phone Games Are Here

The gaming world has went Nintendo Wii crazy and anything Wii is a certainty to be hot. Japanese Mobile Games company Gesturetek Mobile are the world's first "Gesture Controlled Mobile Gaming Company" and they have brung Wii style games right onto your very own mobile phone!

Gesturetek's technology is called The EyeMobile Engine and it works by using your Mobile phones camera to sense motion. There more details on how it works here.

The technology isn't just for game though, it also works on maps and more, to help you discover your way around just like jumping into a Mary Poppins map. Pretty cool huh. Check out the video below.

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