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Monday, 30 July 2007

Topfield PVR - The Sky + (Plus) Replacement

The Topfield PVR Box: It is the Sky Plus Box without the monthly subscribtion fees...

Sky TV has the reputation of being the big boys of the TV world, with the amount of services and the quality of services Sky have on offer, such as Sky + and Sky HD, there is not really much else out there than can compete. Or is there?

Freeview boxes are very popular in the UK and although they don't give you the huge variety of channels that Sky do, at least you are not restricted to episodes of Eastenders, Coronation Street, Emmerdale and Hollyoaks! Plus they are great for the bedroom. Not to mention extremely cheap! With a freeview box however you cannot pause, rewind or record live television like you can with Sky Plus. Well you can now!

The Topfield PVR box is 2 freeview boxes in one and it has a 250 GB Hard Drive. As well as receiving loads more great digital channels for FREE! You can now pause, rewind or record LIVE TV just like the Sky + box. And there is no need for a disastrous dish bolted onto the side of your house, no monthly fees and no installation fee! You just buy the box and that is it, no more spending, no direct debit stealing your well earned pennies every month.... done!

The Topfield PVR can record 2 channels at once while you watch another 2 programs at the same time! Yeah, 2 at the same time, you heard right. But there is more, you'll love this. The Topfield PVR can be hooked up to your PC simply through USB. This means you can transfer stored TV programs from your Topfield box to your PC or transfer files from your PC to your Topfield box. So if you are totally Eastenders daft! You can put episodes of Eastenders on your PC then burn them to DVD! You can be the proud owner of the worlds first Eastenders DVD collection.

Price: £250
Available at: Firebox

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Game Hacks said...

The top field PVR box is actually a TV box plus server ( for its 250gb space)

an interesting utility but the price is too expensive

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