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Saturday, 31 March 2007

Astronaut To Run Boston Marathon From Space!

More and more people nowadays commit themselves to staying fit by attending the gym regularly, doing home exercise, joining fitness classes and running marathons from space?

If you have a friend who is constantly going on about how committed they are to keeping fit and forever talking about their fruit and veg collection, throw this back in his/her face! Astronaut Sunita Williams is to run the Boston Marathon from a treadmill in space! (are you THAT committed sonny Jim huh?). Williams registered for the marathon but on the day of the marathon she is due to be in space but she is hardcore and is going ahead with it up there. Organisers even sent her a numbered bib for it, the point in the bib i am not sure but I'm sure she'll be wearing it!

Sunita isn't the first person to do the marathon while not actually being in the actual marathon. Troops in Iraq have been doing it in Iraq since 2005 but she most definitely is the first person to do it from space!
Via Crave

Friday, 30 March 2007

Grand Theft Auto IV: Trailer Preview Is Released!

There is always huge anticipation on the big dog games inside the video gaming world and GTA is certainly one of those but I'm not sure if there has ever been any more hype over any other game past or present including all previous Grand Theft Auto titles. Grand Theft Auto IV has exceeded all others, from the micro machines, birds eye view killing spree original, to, Carl Johnson from the hood in San Andreas. If you are a mega GTA head like myself then I'm sure you took the time to check out the countdown to the TRAILER for the new game on Rockstar's website. Happy to say that the countdown clock has stopped ticking and you can check it out now over at the Rockstar website! I'll leave it to you to go check out but i will say, it is pretty short.

The game is to be released on the 19th October so you might want to think about stocking up on a PS3 in time for then.

Click Here to check out the trailer

BBC TV Broadcasts Via Mobile Phone

For a trial period BBC have announced they are to broadcast certain BBC TV channels and Radio channels continuously via mobile phone. When i say "certain" TV channels, it is more like "limited" TV channels, no that is a lie as well, i mean more along the lines of "almost no TV channels at all". TV channels on offer are BBC One, BBC News 24 and BBC Three but hey! come on, its better than nothing right? (i say rather sarcastically). Radio channels on offer are Radio 1, 1Xtra, Radio 2, Radio 3, Radio 4, 6 Music, BBC 7 and the Asian Network.

The trial is expected to start before the end of April and is for a period of 12 months. The service will only be available via Vodafone, Orange and the 3 network.

Thursday, 29 March 2007

Sony Smash UK Sales Record!

Building up to the release of the PS3 all the critics were debating on whether the PS3 would be a success? or Were they ever going to catch back up with Microsoft? To kind of prove a point, The PS3 has broken the previous sales record for a games console in the UK, selling more than 165,000 consoles in its first 2 days. Compare this to the Nintendo Wii selling 105,000 consoles on its launch weekend and the Xbox 360 selling a rather lame 71,000 and you understand how big an achievement it is.

Sony Computer Entertainment UK managing director Ray Maguire said:

"Having broken the record for launch sales, we are now replenishing retail stock across the country"

So in the battle to claim the throne to the gaming world, have Sony succeeded in the their bid to prove that they are still the top dogs? Well in the UK at least, there was never going to be any competition!

Wednesday, 28 March 2007

Blogger Hounded By Death Threats

Technology blogger Kathy Sierrra is at the centre of a row over blog bullying. In her case however, "blog bullying" is a bit of an understatement. Ms Sierra has been receiving unbelievable amounts of death threats and she calls for a change in the blogosphere. She has support from some of the worlds big web experts including Tim O'Reilly who was speaking to BBC Radio 5 Live on the matter.

"I do think we need some code of conduct around what is acceptable behaviour, I would hope that it doesn't come through any kind of [legal/government] regulation it would come through self-regulation."

"The fact that there's all these really messed-up people on the Internet is not a statement about the Internet. It is a statement about those people and what they do and we need to basically say that you guys are doing something unacceptable and not generalise it into a comment about this is what's happening to the blogosphere."

Click here to check out the full story from the BBC

Its Black Its Official: The Xbox 360 Elite

If you are a true video gamer then i am sure that you already know that its almost here but just in case you're a part timer, let me fill you in. The Xbox 360 Elite or as i prefer to call it "that black one they've been going on about for ages" now has its very own official launch date which will be the 29th April. This is the US launch, the European launch date is not known at this point. £479 is the bounty on one of these which will be $190 more than a PS3! What extras are you getting with the Elite then? Well you get some black paint, a HDMI slot, double the capacity of a PS3 with a 120GB Hard Drive and no HD DVD Drive or Wi-Fi. Dont sound like much does it, but the HDMI will carry out sound and video at a high quality by just the one cable (good news for hardcore movie downloaders) The Elite wont be replacing the existing Xbox 360 which is a bit of relief really but i suppose the novelty paint is the highlight of some folks year.

Friday, 16 March 2007

The Commodore Is Back! Commodore XX

Whether you are looking for an extreme monster of a PC to run the latest and most graphically intense games the industry has produced or are just getting your feet wet in PC gaming… the Commodore gaming PC range offers that and everything in between. These machines come packaged in a specially designed, heavy-duty yet stylish casing, capable of withstanding our revolutionary painting process. Choose from our library of artwork to personalize your high performance gaming PC and express your own taste and style.

The Commodore xx doesn't just blur the line between gaming and reality, it redefines it. The fastest, most powerful Gaming PC money can buy, this world ending device will serve you and your gaming needs without even breaking so much as a sweat for some good time to come.