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Thursday, 29 March 2007

Sony Smash UK Sales Record!

Building up to the release of the PS3 all the critics were debating on whether the PS3 would be a success? or Were they ever going to catch back up with Microsoft? To kind of prove a point, The PS3 has broken the previous sales record for a games console in the UK, selling more than 165,000 consoles in its first 2 days. Compare this to the Nintendo Wii selling 105,000 consoles on its launch weekend and the Xbox 360 selling a rather lame 71,000 and you understand how big an achievement it is.

Sony Computer Entertainment UK managing director Ray Maguire said:

"Having broken the record for launch sales, we are now replenishing retail stock across the country"

So in the battle to claim the throne to the gaming world, have Sony succeeded in the their bid to prove that they are still the top dogs? Well in the UK at least, there was never going to be any competition!

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