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Wednesday, 12 March 2008

UK Man Gets PS3 Tattoo On His Arm

Dear oh dear oh dear. There are few things in life that give me more pleasure than a long button-bashing session on my favourite console and as much as i say that i love it, it doesn't mean that i am literally IN love with my gaming console, i mean, i wouldn't do anything rash like go up a dark alley and into a dingy tattoo parlour and get Xbox 360, Wii or PS3 encrypted on my skin but neither would anyone else would they? You'd have to be pretty brainless wouldn't you?

Well sadly, a UK PS3 addict has gone out and done exactly what i just said nobody would ever be stupid enough to do, well not exactly, i don't know about the dark alley and all that but lets just take this opportunity to stereotype tattoo... artists, if that's what you call them and add a bit of imagination to this idiots story. Apparently getting those particular three big black letters scored into his arm forever is a "Worlds First. Usually a worlds first is an achievement but I'm pretty sure there is a different reason why this is a worlds first and i don't think i need to state what it is, you already know. Lets just hope it is a "World's Last" aswell.

The guy, known as Mobiletone, a regular commenter on Sony's semi-official Threespeech blog site, said after getting it done:

‘How much do I love my console? I guess this video says it all. It’s been nearly a year since the PAL UK launch of the console and I decided to get this tattoo done in honour of what I consider the best console ever made. Love gaming, love women and love life.’

Yes you did read "I guess this video says it all" right, there is a video and you can see it below, although it is completely pointless. So Mobiletone may now be "Britain's Most Pointless Man" but lets not bash him too much more. He has definitely made me laugh today and I'm sure I'm not the only one so i salute him for that. Some say laughter is the most powerful aphrodisiac but if i were Mobiletone I'd be sure to stick to long sleeve shirts if out trying with the ladies from now on.