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Friday, 16 March 2007

The Commodore Is Back! Commodore XX

Whether you are looking for an extreme monster of a PC to run the latest and most graphically intense games the industry has produced or are just getting your feet wet in PC gaming… the Commodore gaming PC range offers that and everything in between. These machines come packaged in a specially designed, heavy-duty yet stylish casing, capable of withstanding our revolutionary painting process. Choose from our library of artwork to personalize your high performance gaming PC and express your own taste and style.

The Commodore xx doesn't just blur the line between gaming and reality, it redefines it. The fastest, most powerful Gaming PC money can buy, this world ending device will serve you and your gaming needs without even breaking so much as a sweat for some good time to come.

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1 comment:

LJP said...

Yeeah!! Old new warez!!