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Wednesday, 28 March 2007

Its Black Its Official: The Xbox 360 Elite

If you are a true video gamer then i am sure that you already know that its almost here but just in case you're a part timer, let me fill you in. The Xbox 360 Elite or as i prefer to call it "that black one they've been going on about for ages" now has its very own official launch date which will be the 29th April. This is the US launch, the European launch date is not known at this point. £479 is the bounty on one of these which will be $190 more than a PS3! What extras are you getting with the Elite then? Well you get some black paint, a HDMI slot, double the capacity of a PS3 with a 120GB Hard Drive and no HD DVD Drive or Wi-Fi. Dont sound like much does it, but the HDMI will carry out sound and video at a high quality by just the one cable (good news for hardcore movie downloaders) The Elite wont be replacing the existing Xbox 360 which is a bit of relief really but i suppose the novelty paint is the highlight of some folks year.

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1 comment:

Evorgleb said...

We've been talking about the new Xbox 360 over at Highbrid Nation. Not sure I'm won over by the new features but the black color is very sexy. ;)