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Saturday, 31 March 2007

Astronaut To Run Boston Marathon From Space!

More and more people nowadays commit themselves to staying fit by attending the gym regularly, doing home exercise, joining fitness classes and running marathons from space?

If you have a friend who is constantly going on about how committed they are to keeping fit and forever talking about their fruit and veg collection, throw this back in his/her face! Astronaut Sunita Williams is to run the Boston Marathon from a treadmill in space! (are you THAT committed sonny Jim huh?). Williams registered for the marathon but on the day of the marathon she is due to be in space but she is hardcore and is going ahead with it up there. Organisers even sent her a numbered bib for it, the point in the bib i am not sure but I'm sure she'll be wearing it!

Sunita isn't the first person to do the marathon while not actually being in the actual marathon. Troops in Iraq have been doing it in Iraq since 2005 but she most definitely is the first person to do it from space!
Via Crave

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