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Monday, 2 April 2007

DRM Is Being Removed From Music Dowloads!

I wrote a post back in February on this subject, when companies were debating whether or not to abolish DRM from music downloads. At the time it seemed the only label up for it were EMI and they had already started to get rid some of their DRM. The process has now gone a step further and EMI and Apple have joined together to finally scrap these bloody DRM's.

EMI sent out an invitation to a media event today, to the media on Sunday with EMI stating that themselves and Apples Steve Jobs had a new exciting digital offering. The conference is at 1pm today and you can listen to it here

DRM backers say the locks protect the rights of artists and stop wholesale copying of music. Steve Jobs argument is "The abolition of copy protection software known would be good for consumers and music suppliers. Copyright protection has failed to tackle piracy"

I have to say, i very much agree Steve! Get rid of it!

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