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Thursday, 15 February 2007

Is DRM Finally Going To Be Removed From Music Downloads?

Ever purchased music by download then realised it doesn't even play on your bloody MP3 player? Yes, its a real pain in the backside and of course your not going to buy tracks via download again, why would you?

Well it seems our friends from the music world, finally might have thought of a solution. Hmm... why don't we make tracks available for ANY Mp3 player? Oh for crying out loud! about time! Personally i think this is the main problem in the lack of sale via download along with free file sharing. After all, these guys are trying to make money right? Give the people what they want already!. After questioning all record labels (tiny guys, middle guys and huge guys!) and those who aren't assigned to a record label, 70% of them agreed with the thoughts that I've had running through my brain for what seems like a decade. Dropping DRM will make a lot, lot more people happy and will definitely notch some 0's onto the end of the record labels bank balance. Win win situation if you ask me!

After all these discussions and polls however, including the fact that 70% of the music industry agreed that it would be better to drop DRM, they still ain't going to drop it. Although EMI are said to be using a lot less DRM than before. Hats off to you guys. Not that Apple will lose much sleep over it, they rule the roost on this side of the market for sure.

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