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Tuesday, 3 April 2007

BT To Stop Its ISDN Service

Some time later on in the year, BT is to withdraw its ISDN service from consumer use. ISDN was the most popular choice of connection between home workers as dial up just wasn't quick enough at accessing data. With broadband deals being as cheap as chips nowadays there is just no need for ISDN BT say, but some people still believe that ISDN is essential for their jobs. According to watchdog Ofcom the UK average speed used by the 50% of adults with broadband is 3.8Mbps. Bit of a step up from the 64Kbps ISDN connection ain't it? The death of ISDN is mostly affecting broadcasters. When filing reports away from base, ISDN has proved to be very useful, unfortunately the technology is being discontinued all over the world leaving many broadcasters with a problem of what to replace it with. Gavin Davis who is head of Glen Sound who make ISDN equipment for the broadcast industry believes that there is nothing that can replace it! as ISDN gives you the same speed upstream and downstream.

I'm not sure but i think BT might just be about to make a bit of a boo boo.

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