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Friday, 6 July 2007

O2 To Win Fight For UK iPhone Contract?

Apple iPhone News

The race to win the iPhone contract in the UK is heating up big time! Vodafone have been the supposed front runners to win the iPhone contract pretty much since the JesusPhone was first announced but T-Mobile jamp into the race last week and now according to the BBC, O2 are going to come first in this iPhone marathon.

According to the BBC, O2 are set to sign an exclusive contract very soon, and that the iPhone will be available in the UK by Christmas, even though O2 owners Telefonica have said that no deal has been agreed!

I'm sure next week Virgin Mobile will be striking up a super deal with Apple then the day after that Orange will be providing us with more fabulous iPhone announcements. God knows who will be giving us this mobile monstrosity. My theory for now is that the UK iPhone is a myth, maybe we will never see it? But don't worry folks, more often than not, i am wrong.

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