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Saturday, 9 December 2006

The Top 5 Camera Phones For Christmas 2006

Who remembers the days when Camera Phones were blurred, fuzzy or just plain an simply... rubbish! I am glad to say that this is all a thing of the past and Camera Phones have come a long way since then. You can now purchase a mobile phone that has a 3 mega pixels+ camera on it! and almost all camera phones also act as video recorders nowadays so you can capture those memorable moments on video.

Here i have listed the top 5 Camera Phones for this Christmas.

1) Sony Ericsson K800i

With its 3.2 Mega pixel Camera, the Sony Ericsson K800i is as much a Digital Camera as it is a mobile phone. This phone manages to take professional quality photo's without have to lose its sleekish cool style or its small size. It also has a Best Pic function which takes numerous pictures at once so you can choose the best and discard the rest! This phone is also great value for money and is FREE on most contracts!

2) Nokia N93

This may be the most advance Camera Phone that you are able to buy at the moment! It has a 3.2 mega pixel Camera and a Carl Zeiss lens and it is capable of taking movies of DVD quality! The Twist Open design that the Nokia N93 possesses does actually make it look like a mini video camera. Quality however does come at a price, a price of around £400 that is for pay as you go, however it can be purchased for FREE on Pay Monthly but this is a real quality piece of technology!

3) Samsung SCH-A990

With a swivel head flash and an excellent 3.2 mega pixel this phone is extremely stylish and has all the great quality you need. You can store images on a micro CD card and capture up to an hour of video. other features include an MP3 Player, TV-out cable, stereo speakers and you can print images wirelessly via Bluetooth.

4) LG KG920

How LG managed to squeeze such an amount of great features into a handset that is just 18mm wide i will never know, but they have. This phone contains a 5 Mega pixel digital camera! auto focus lens, video recorder and a powerful strobe flash that reduces red eye. With its twisty screen it is also very simple to take self portraits. An excellent piece of equipment!

5) Samsung D900

The sliding Samsung D900 is ultra-light weighing in at only 100g and its slim 13mm body also makes it the slimmest phone in the top 5. With a 3.13 mega pixel camera it is of very high quality and for those of you who are just not happy at viewing your pics just on your mobile phone, the Samsung D900 comes with a TV out lead so you can view them in a slide-show on your TV!

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