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Sunday, 7 January 2007

Gadgety Jag! New Jaguar C-XF

At this years Detroit Motor Show, Jaguar is going to display the new C-XF concept car and though its name alludes to the new XF saloon due out later in 2007, Jaguar claims that it is not a close representation of that car. This is the gadget-ridden new motor from our favourite big cat that definitely looks like an all round meaner creature. The XF will replace the Jaguar S-Type saloon, so the C-XF concept shares that car's four-door, rear-wheel drive layout, but in a contemporary shape that Jaguar says offers a glimpse into the future of its design direction. Once inside, fire up the 300 horsepower V8 and a blue Tron-esque light snakes its way from the centre console, around the cockpit and meets behind the back seat – infinitely cooler than those neons you find on the underside of a pimped up Honda Civic. In-car entertainment is also great!It holds a control screen that slides out when the driver’s moves his hand towards it. Coolest of all, it’s capable of showing two images at once; meaning whoever is riding can watch a DVD, while you check the sat-nav. The XF also boasts a 155MPH top speed but with all this stuff inside to play with, who the hell needs to drive anywhere just sit inside while parked in your drive and you'll have the time of your life! Starting prices are expected to be of £28 - £30,000.

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