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Tuesday, 13 February 2007

The iPhone Set To Be Networked By Vodafone

OK, so Apple haven't actually told us yet which British network are going to be networking their iPhone but by using my " Scooby Doo skills " i think I'm pretty close on solving this mystery.

Last month Apple announced that Google's Google Maps facility will come pre-installed on the new phone. OK big deal right? Now however, Vodafone have struck up a deal with Google so that THEY can put Google Maps onto their mobiles. Hmm.... Wat has brung on this idea? Is it just a coincidence, or are Vodafone keeping secrets? My bet is now definitely on Vodafone to brings us Brits the iPhone. Even if this doesn't happen to be the case, then at least all Vodafone users will finally be able to find their way home on a Saturday night, leaving us T Mobile and Orange users miles back! It could be time for a change of network.

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