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Monday, 19 February 2007

The M300: Watch Out! Mobile Watch Is About?

Wristwatches have always been easy targets to be transformed into well... transformers, and we've seen more than a fair share of wacky wristwatches over the years. Watch/TV remote, watch/calculator, watch/TV, watch/MP3 player, the list is endless. Thanks to our kangaroo loving friends from Australia, we now have another one, the watch/mobile phone!

It has been designed by SMS Technology Australia. It has been named the M300 and is now the worlds smallest mobile phone. Squeezed in features include full SMS functionality, Dial Up Networking, Games, full blue tooth compatibility,Mp3 Player, MP4 Player, LCD Colour Screen, 64 Mb Memory, 99 number memory storage, 40 embedded real tones, USB connectivity for software uploads and downloads. For a watch that is pretty impressive, and to top it all off it also has a great looking design, unlike the silly looking calculator watches of the past. The M300 works on GSM Tri-band frequencies which means that it doesn't matter if you are in the UK, the US, Australia, Japan or Timbuktu! it will work as long as you have a GSM Sim card! Own one of these and you really know you are living in the future. I'm not too sure if i want to be known as the crazy guy who talks to his watch though, so i think i might wait a while and see if these take off before i consider going for one!

SMS Technology are planning on releasing another 2 models later this year. The M501 which will be made from titanium and solid gold! This will be released around June and the
M700, which is set to be launched with Outlook and Office synchronization for all you business minded chaps out there. The M300 is available to buy now from the SMS Technology website.

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