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Wednesday, 21 February 2007

Porsche Design Ultra Quick Fearless Yacht

Usually when you hear "Porsche" you think of a gleaming 911 with that roaring engine or cruising through the country on a sunny Saturday in a Boxster. Porsche have now decided however, that they fancy getting a little bit wet.

Porsche have teamed up with Fearless Yachts to help produce these magnificent looking speedboats and yachts! Five different Yachts are set to be made but for now only one is complete. The Fearless 28, a 525 bhp, 80+ mph demon! If you opt to go for the one with the V-10 Viper engine then you'll get 550 bhp out of it. The Fearless 28 although it is a "yacht", to me it seems to be more of a speedboat. Personally i don't know of any yachts that push waves aside at 80+ mph! I am by no means a boat fanatic and sea sickness happens regularly when i am on one but, give me one of these and i think i could battle through the cold, wet, windy, vomiting experience of sailing. Living up to true Porsche standards, they really do look fantastic! Owning one of these, you'd feel like a kid with a new toy car. Shame they cost $300,000! Full specs and details are at the Fearless Yachts website.

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