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Friday, 11 May 2007

British Climber Attempts World Record For Highest Mobile Phone Call

British climber Rod Baber feels that he has to go a little further than out the front garden to get a signal on his phone! Rod Baber is climbing to Mount Everest's north ridge just so he can make a phone call. After weeks of acclimatisation Rod has reached base camp and is about to begin his attempt on Everest.
Baber has been getting used to living in high altitude by climbing up and down the great mountain. The "practising" if you will has left four members of the expedition team unable to continue due to altitude sickness. Baber has lost 11kg in weight since he started preparing for this amazing attempt and he expects to lose at least 5 more by the time he is finished.

Mr Baber said: "We have a "very good" chance of reaching the summit if the weather stays calm, but, it's when Everest lets YOU climb it, not the other way around."
All i say to you Rod is, Good luck son!

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