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Monday, 21 May 2007

Merseyside Police Introduce CCTV "Spy Plane" Surveillance

Here it is, if you are not a fan of CCTV and the whole "Big Brother" concept, then you are going to really hate this new technology introduced by Police in Merseyside. Say hello to big brothers even bigger brother! This is the UK's first ever Police drone, used to catch criminals in action and witness anti-social behaviour. It looks like a mini helicopter and it records everything from the sky. Police can look through the "mini-copter's" eyes via virtual reality goggles and all that it see's is recorded onto police computers.

I can't say that i am particularly fond of CCTV but it doesn't really bother me either, unless i have "Budgie the little Helicopter" following my every move that is. If one of these comes anywhere near me, it can be expecting the nearest brick right in the chops. I don't think I'd be the only one either. I can see it now, teenagers drinking in playparks, "First one to hit the helicopter gets a litre of cider!" Overall though, i think this is an excellent way to fight crime, as long as that is all they are using it for. If you hear a buzzing at your window when exiting the shower, you know who it is! Thats all i'm saying.

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