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Wednesday, 30 May 2007

Nokia 8600 Luna: Nokia's New Mobile King Exclusive To Carphone Warehouse

The new Nokia 8600 Luna mobile has landed and boy is it a beauty! With its stainless steel frame, sizzling slidey smokey glass cover and its smooth rounded off corners, there are not many mobiles out there that look better than this right now. If you are strictly fashion only, "no way am i having a guffer of a phone" and you have to have the best looking phone around then you can't turn a blind eye to this one. It is no wonder that Nokia have dubbed it "Black Beauty". To accompany its supermodel exterior, the 8600 Luna also packs some great features. Some of which include a 2 mega pixel camera, music player, FM Radio and Quad-band but there are many more.

The 8600 Luna is Nokia's new number 1 phone and it is exclusive to the Carphone Warehouse and they are offering it on a whole load of different tariffs to suit your needs. Check it out more here.

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