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Thursday, 28 June 2007

New Grand Theft Auto 4 Trailer And Screenshots

Tonight the guys at Rockstar Games are dropping us with another mouth watering trailer for the new GTA IV game but before the main course is served, they have brought us out a starter. They have given us these 2 new screenshots of the game just to work us up even more.

One shows the games new top dog, Niko Bellic, in what looks like an evading of the law after some sort of madness! and the other is a camera shot of Niko from behind, where he is probably about to go out for a spot of midnight car jacking.

The graphics for the new game look amazing so be sure not to miss out on the 2nd serving of GTA IV trailers tonight. The trailer will be put online at 6PM UK time and I'll see if i can get it up for you right here! Check back for more details.

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