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Tuesday, 19 June 2007

Tefal Quick Cup: The Environmentally Friendly "Green" Kettle

At the moment, the whole planet is caught up in this frenzy to fight against Global Warming and so on. We now live in a world where the "tree hugger" is no longer just the local weirdo or a hippy, and even those spoiled celebrities are doing their bit to fight the cause, swapping their Range Rovers for the likes of the Toyota Prius. Now we have sorted the biggest problem of them all!... The Kettle?

This may sound silly to some folks but kettles are one of the planets biggest energy wasters. Tefal have saved the day though, with their new very unique and "Green" Kettle. The Tefal Quick Cup.

Compared to your standard Kettle, the Tefal Quick Cup reduces 65% of energy consumption, saving you valuable pennies on the electric bill whilst also aiding to the cause of saving the planet from death!

Most impressive of all though, the Quick Cup will deliver hot water in just 3 seconds! hence the title "Quick Cup" making it the "Tea Jennies" ultimate fantasy, and if you aren't a Tea Jennie then you can enjoy the cold filtered water that it produces instead, there you go! two for the price of one!.

The Quick Cup will cost £59.99. It will be available from July and will be on sale in pretty much any of your usual electrical stores.

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Anonymous said...

I bought a quick cup and it broke within a month of purchase.

It started with one or 2 cups that it did not heat up, but now it will not heat any cups of water at all.

I have looked on Tefals website but there is no advice.

Perhaps its a good a idea but it should have been given a longer time to develop reliability, especially because of the high price.

Bruce Kemp

Brand New Tech said...

Hi there Bruce.

Your comment on the Quick Cup not working is the first i've heard of. At the moment i don't have much info on damaged Quick Cups but this link may help you out a bit for now

I will see if i can find a bit more info for you and write back.

Fraser Morrison

Anonymous said...

Anything on this? Mines just done exactly the same!