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Saturday, 9 June 2007

Top 10 Fathers Day Gifts For Gadget Dad

Are you never quite sure what to get Dad for Fathers Day and feel you just cant possibly buy him yet another pair of slippers? Don't worry, I've sorted it all out for you right here. Here's a list of cool gifts and gadgets that the old man wont be able to leave to rot in the cobweb infested space at the back of the cupboard.

1) The Sharp Shootin' Remote Control

Here is a top gift for "Couch Potato Dad" or "Wild Wild West Dad". It is the Sharp Shootin' Remote Control . Now Pops can blow those annoying adverts and sickening soaps away with one sharp pull of the trigger with this TV remote/Gun.

Price - £9.95

2) Self Stirring Mug

Yes you heard it right, it is the Self Stirring Mug. Is he too lazy to stir his own own cuppa in the mornings? No problem, as long as he has enough energy to push a button on a handle he's sorted!

Price - £9.50

3) Slippies

OK so you might be thinking, "No! Not more slippers!" But don't be too hasty, there is a catch. Not just your average Joe pair of slippers these, Slippies can be microwaved to provide extra warmth and comfort to those old feet at the end of a hard day. Do you believe that? Microwaved!

Price - £13.99

4) Wireless TVR Tuscan Computer Mouse

Is his favourite TV Program Top Gear? Is he constantly shoving his head under the car bonnet and claiming to have "fixed the car". Then he'll love this cool new Wireless TVR Tuscan Computer Mouse.

Price - £19.95

5) Digital Photo Frame

Want to make sure he has a nice picture of the family? Why not make sure he has loads of nice family pics to look at. Give him this Digital Photo Frame and he can display a different picture of the family every day if he wants to.

Price £69.95

6) USB Missile Launcher

If your old man is the life of the office and is a bit of a prankster then he'd love this next gift idea. This USB Missile Launcher is enough to give anyone the chance to stir things up a bit in the office or at home with the kids.

Price - £29.95

7) Beer Chill Dispenser

Here it is, in my opinion, this is the greatest Fathers Day gift ever! (Hint, hint. Wink, wink) With this brilliant Beer Chill Dispenser you can give your own local a run for its money. Forget your can or your bottle in a glass, pull yourself a proper pint of draught!

Price - £139.95

8) The Daddy - Wine & Puzzle Gift Pack

This Wine & Puzzle Gift Pack is sure to get the old noggin ticking with its "Don't Break the Bottle Vice" Find out just how smart Dad is, see whether he can work out the puzzle or not.

Price - £19.95

9) Plus Deck Cassette Converter

Has your Dad struggled to keep up with iPod mania and doesn't have a clue what MP3 is all about. Well if he's still listening to all his cassette classics, at least give him the chance to listen while he's trying to figure out what this Internet thing is all about with this Cassette Converter Deck.

Price - £99.95

10) Personalised Beatles Book

Great for Beatles fans or folks that wish we were all still living in the sixties, revisit some of the sixties with your very own Personalised Beatles Book. The book is personalised with the words "Researched for and presented to (name of Dad)" in gold on the front cover. Cool!

Price £49.99

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