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Tuesday, 19 February 2008

It's Official! The Death Of HD-DVD

It is finally over, the fat lady is singing!

The inevitable has finally happened. Toshiba have cancelled their HD-DVD format and put an end to the Hi-Def war with its rival Sonys Blu-Ray... thank god! After two years of spatting, boring us consumers to death and just being annoying in general, Toshiba have finally raised the white flag and conceded that the fat lady is in fact singing.

Toshiba have now officially pulled the HD-DVD plug and will cease production of all its HD-DVD players, discs and accesories by March 2008. This is a blow for the early adopters of the HD-DVD format and i suppose i do sort of feel sorry for them but in all honesty you should really know by now not to jump the gun when these type of spats between rival companies are ongoing, unless you buy both!

If you are one of those who has been sitting on the fence and waiting for a winner to be announced, it is now time for you to go out and treat yourself to a Blu-Ray player. Hopefully now that Blu-Ray is the sole provider of Hi-Def material, the prices will come down. That was definitely one advantage HD-DVD had over its nemesis, prices!

The only thing that has really got me thinking from the death of HD-DVD is the little matter of the Xbox 360. Will we being seeing an Xbox 360 with a built-in Blu-Ray drive or will they be throwing another bloody add-on drive at us and if so, how long is it going to be before we see one? Why don't you give us your thoughts on the HD-DVD slaying and your Xbox ideas by leaving us a comment, we love to hear what you think.

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NewSunSEO said...

This should be interesting to see what is going to happen to xbox360 like you mentioned. I too would like to see the price of blu-ray go down now but I have a feeling it will not go down as much as we would like.

studyPark said...

Technological advancements are not allowing anyone to speculate anything. now only one principle started to be true that Nothing is Impossible