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Tuesday, 4 November 2008

Spykee Spy Robot

Meccano Spykee Spy Robot

The Spykee Robot is the kind of thing i used to dream about when i was a kid. I'm not going to beat around the bush here, I'm just going to spit out exactly what Spykee is... Spykee is a Spy Robot equipped with a camera, microphone and WiFi which allows you to use your computer to control this little CCTV robot from absolutely anywhere!

Spykee can detect movements using his built-in motion detector, can sound an alarm on your PC and get this... he can even send you a snap of your target!

Spykee is made by Meccano so naturally, you get the opportunity to build him yourself (which is very simple). Once you have got him put together you can send him on a "mission" where he will listen, watch and let you talk to people using his microphone.

Amazingly Spykee is compatible with Skype so you can even use him as a webcam and talk over the internet or with his speaker and you can play all your favourite tunes through him aswell.

When Spykee gets tired (runs out of battery) he will automatically travel back to his docking station for 40 winks, completely on his own!

This truly is an amazing piece of technology and definitely not something you will want to miss out on. It really is quite breath-taking.

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