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Monday, 22 January 2007

Apple iPhone Could Be Hitting The UK Early

The stories going on about the Apple iPhone are constant at the moment and we are never deprived of hearing a story or two, but this one i was a little more interested in. The latest is, that some hyperactive little man who works for Apples online sales team in Cork, Ireland, just couldn't resist any more and decided to release an Apple email stating that the iPhone will be in Britain for October! We've always been led to believe that we would be meeting the iPhone face to face in the last part of the year. However whenever we are told "last part of the year", straight away we think Christmas do we not? I certainly did! If this latest story turns out to be true, then it looks like our 11/12 months of waiting to grab an iPhone has just been reduced to 9!

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Roger said...

I want the iPhone but it is only available with Cingular. To get out of my
Verizon contract and avoid an early termination fee I am considering
Cellswapper.com (http://www.cellswapper.com). Has anybody tried it yet?

brandnew said...

I dont know to much about US cellphone networks as such as its a totaly different set-up over here. But i have read a bit about CellSwapper and it seems to be pretty good, not much bad things written about it. One of these in Britain would be nice!

David Cohn said...

I used CellClients.com and they were good. But they only operate in Canada