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Monday, 22 January 2007

The Most Expensive Mouse In The World!

As this is the world's most expensive mouse, I'm not gonna hold back on blurting out the price. 18,600 Euros! or if you would prefer, £12,200! or if your American it'll leave you... 24 grand in debt!

The question i asked myself when stumbling across this is, Who the hell is thing marketed at? The Sultan of Brunei! or perhaps its sole purpose is to sit in the cabinet alongside the crown jewels. Whoever it is aimed at, one thing that is for sure is that their bank account has to be bursting at the seems! Why is it so expensive? This mouse can be transformed from being a 3 button wheel mouse (which is pretty much your regular mouse) into being a necklace that will fit right in at the Queen's annual Christmas party. By that i mean, "The Diamond Flower" as it has been named, is made from 18 carat white gold! and is set with 59 eye blinding diamonds. They ain't so small that you need a telescope to see them either. 58 are 2mm in diameter and 1 is 4mm in diameter. I do have to say, that for a mouse, it is kind of attractive.

Just incase your not into Dandelions or Buttercups or whatever flower it is supposed to be, Pat Says Now (company that make these) have given you another model to chose from. This one has been tagged with the name "The Scattered Diamond" it contains the same amount of diamonds and are the same size but they are, well, scattered!

So, if your loaded don't be a scrooge and surf the net in style with "The Diamond Flower" or "The Scattered Diamond" if you prefer, i mean after all you are rich! show it off! and if your a regular Joe Bloggs like me, stick to your £20 Logitech and save the bailiffs from giving you a visit!

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