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Tuesday, 23 January 2007

Samsung Break Own Mobile Phone Record

Yes, Samsung have done it again with their sliding phones. Their Samsung D900 phone previously held the title of "The worlds slimmest slider" but here they have outdone themselves by replacing the D900 with their new Ultra Edition 10.9. Why 10.9 you ask? Well its only 10.9 mm thick of course! Why else? This is 2mm slimmer than the D900 to save you taking out your measuring tape. Although this is a "new" version, there have been no technical changes, so you get nothing more for your money or nothing nothing less either for that matter. Which means you still get the excellent 3.2 mega pixel camera, TV-out, Mp3 player and video player, stereo Bluetooth etc.

I see this as a phone that's been on a diet, but it does look better than the D900. If you are looking to notch up your street cred points, to own the world's slimmest mobile slider cant be a bad thing surely. Thumbs up from me purely on that basis.

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