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Wednesday, 24 January 2007

The Agere BluOnyx : The Mobile Content Server

As the title would suggest, this is the Agere BluOnyx, a mobile content server or mini little hard-drive, whichever one tickles your fancy. The BluOnyx has been designed especially for mobile phones but can also be used with your TV or PC. "Hard drive for a mobile phone?" you say. Don't worry, your not going to have to carry around the equivalent of a PC tower. It is actually pretty much the same size as a credit card and is ultra slim. Which means you can slot it right in there in your wallet alongside all the gift cards you collected over the Christmas period. Not too much hassle to carry around surely! and i use the word "carry" in the slightest sense.

It works by connecting to your phone, TV or PC via either Bluetooth, SD Card, USB or Wi-Fi and is simple enough to move content to and from. It does not have a screen but don't fear, this is a very clever piece of technology. You browse through what you have on it through your mobile phone, just the same as when you connect to your friends phones via Bluetooth and steal all their stuff. Taking your important work documents or your favourite music and films everywhere you go has never been so easy! Just like an Mp3 player, plug it in to the PC, drag your Billy Joel collection onto it, take it out, and away you go. With a capacity ranging from 1GB to 40GB, hell you can throw your favourite films in there, connect your BluOnyx to your phone and laugh away at the Borat movie during next weeks board meeting!

Depending on the size that you order, prices range from £50 to £130 with 1GB being the least and 40GB being the most. You also have a choice of colour, you can choose from black, white, blue, pink, green, grey or red and have the option on whether to have the BluOnyx logo put on it or not.

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