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Wednesday, 24 January 2007

BBC Create Childrens Online Virtual World

The BBC's children's TV channel, CBBC, have announced they have made plans to create their own version of the online virtual world, Second Life. It will allow children to create their own mini-me (avatar) and create and share all their own content. Unlike Second Life, creating guns and blowing away fellow players is not an option, the BBC are taking safety and appropriate content matters very seriously. After all, this is for your 7 year old. There will be no chatrooms and kids will not be able to build new parts onto the world. CBBC World will also be free to use.

So what can kids get up to on CBBC World? This is what a BBC spokesman had to say on it :

"It will give children a chance to move around a safe, secure world where they can not only interact with familiar characters but have an opportunity to make that world a more fascinating place with their own imaginations."

BBC's motive for creating CBBC World is that kids who are born into this "digital world" we have nowadays expect this kind of thing to be on offer and don't see this kind of product as a novelty.

CBBC World is expected to go online in the summer for trials with a full relaunch date set for some time in the Autumn.

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