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Thursday, 25 January 2007

PS3 Official Announcement

In addition to my post from yesterday, Sony have announced today that the PS3 WILL be released on March the 23rd and WILL be priced at £425. I was kind of hoping it wouldn't be costing so much as we seem to be paying a little more than everyone else. Just say you took £305 and converted it into US Dollars, then you would be able to afford one of these, and if you swapped £395 of your hard earned cash for a stack of Euros, you could cross the Channel and get one cheaper again. You don't mind though because once you've forked out all your savings on your PS3, you and your mates will have a blast right? Well.... in amongst the packaging your only going to find one controller and to buy a 2nd one is going to cost you another 50 bucks!

An excellent plus is, you will be able to download full games straight onto our console with Gran Turismo HD Concept being the first one to get the nod plus a whole lot of demo's for you to try out as well.

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