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Friday, 26 January 2007

Samsung Open Online Music Store Along With 2 New Players

Samsung have announced they are going to give Apple and their iTunes a run for their money by opening their own online music store. Having clearly thought long and hard on the name for their new store, "The Samsung Music Store" is going to be up and running and ready for business next month and will only be of any use to those who have Samsung players. From the word go, 2.6 million songs are going to be on offer and it is understood that most are to be protected WMA's but Samsung say that plenty of DRM free MP3's will be on offer. Tracks will cost 79p and albums will be costing £7.99

Along with this announcement is the arrival of 2 new players, The Samsung K3 (pictured left) and the Samsung T9 (pictured right). These players will be available starting either from this week or next. Some of the T9's features are a 1.8” full colour LCD screen, MPEG4, JPEG photo, Gaming Multimedia Files and Bluetooth Wireless Headphones compatibility, so yes it has Bluetooth! It also has a FM Tuner, 30 hours battery life! and the 4GB model has the potential to hold 2,000 WMA tracks. Prices are expected to be £89 (1GB), £119 (2GB) and £149 for the 4GB. It is also believed that Curry's are going to be the main supplier of these, not sure exactly if they will be the only supplier but they are definitely the main one, so if you want one, get yourself over to Curry's!

Personally, i think the K3 looks better, It looks like they've mixed an iPod Nano and an LG Chocolate phone together and came up with this. The K3 is available up to an 8GB model and has pretty much all the same features as the T9, except for the Bluetooth, and the battery life is slightly less at 25 hours. Prices are set to be £89 for the 2GB and £119 for the 4GB but I'm not exactly sure about the price for the 8GB model. As a bonus, all of Samsung's new music players will also come with a week's subscription to Napster totally free!

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