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Thursday, 18 January 2007

Skype Founders Start Internet TV Service Joost

The guys behind Skype are launching what they say is the worlds first broadcast quality online TV service. This new Online TV service has been unveiled under the name of Joost. Joost has been designed in order for broadcasters to get their programmes viewed in front of a global audience allowing viewers to see all kinds of television via Internet.

Chief executive, Frederik de Wahl claims that Joost provides a different experience from all other Internet TV companies. Here's what he had to say about Joost: "We are trying to replicate the complete television experience, it has full-screen, broadcast quality, you've got instant channel flipping, and interactivity - a viewer can come to us and get all their TV needs."

Joost is also going to be supported by advertising which will make it a free service and is currently undergoing trials, but i know what you really want to know, yes, your thinking "what can you actually watch on it". At the moment the line-up consists of sports, documentaries and music programming but Frederik de Wahl says that this is only trial programming and that when the full service is launched it will be much more impressive with a lot more content on offer.

Check out this video on how Joost will work: Joost Video

You can try Joost's trial version for yourself by going to Joost.com

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