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Friday, 19 January 2007

Sony PS3 In The UK For March!

I'm pretty sure all you computer lovers out there will be thinking the exact same thing as what i certainly am thinking... "About Time!". After what seems like an eternity of a delay it looks like the release date is actually going to be a little earlier than was first thought,YAY!, moving to March instead of April, yes it ain't much of an improvement but any improvement is good improvement right? It looks like Sony are going to release proper details of when we can get our gaming little fingers on one of these beasts next week, along with prices etc. I will tell you however that the 60GB model is looking like it is going to be around £420-£430. As for the 20GB model i cant tell you for sure but i am going to guess that it will be in the region of about £350, we'll find out how wrong i am next week. All that i have left to say to you is that, i recommend that come Spring, you don't spend to much cash on Easter eggs and all other sorts of weight gain treats and make sure you keep some pennies in the bank account to fund for one of these bad boys and i will post the proper details up next week as soon as they are released.

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