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Saturday, 20 January 2007

LG Prada Phone: Worlds First Completely Touchscreen Mobile Phone

So the Apple iPhone isn't going to be the worlds first completely touch screen mobile phone. Yes LG and Prada have beaten them to it with their LG Prada Phone! and as the name would suggest, it is definitely a looker as you can see but I'll come back to that later.

Lets start of with what the phone is actually capable of before it takes a walk down the catwalk. Of course it has its touch screen, which is the whole point in the phone and is of course its best feature, that goes without saying so lets see what it else it has. The rest of this supermodel phone beholds an Mp3 Player of course, a video player with video recordings at 30fps (pretty impressive), Macromedia Flash, Music multi-tasking, a 400x240 pixel widescreen, an external memory slot, USB and a 2 megapixel camera which is the same as the iPhones plus Bluetooth and tri-band etc. Sounds pretty impressive doesn't it? All those lovely features i reckon i would enjoy very much , however, this thing will cost me €600 and amongst those features i don't see Wi-Fi or 3G, which means no rampant Internet browsing! Big let down. Also as you can see in the picture, at the bottom there appears to be some buttons. Now i'll give them a bit room for an ON button but hey! theres a couple more down there i don't want to be pressing buttons on my "completely" touchscreen mobile phone. I want to be gliding and sliding my fingers over its sleek stylish body not poking it in the ribs, which brings me back to its looks.

With its 12mm deep body and its shiny black coat i say it is a beauty. So you may not get Wi-Fi or 3G for your €600 where the iPhone will and it may have a couple of buttons down the bottom there but if we were talking Prada handbags or Prada shoes here you wouldn't be saying no, and don't forget you still get great features plus that all important touch screen. I like it!

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