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Thursday, 3 May 2007

ITV Online Service Slaps BBC & C4 In The Face!

Channel 4's On Demand service once looked new and exciting and the BBC's recently announced iPlayer IS the new "new and exciting"online service right? Well, no! ITV have decided to ruin it for BBC and have announced details of their very own online service.

Channel 4's online simulcasts and downloads and BBC's new 7-day web catch up service don't really look all that hot anymore. ITV have really up'd the ante and are offering FREE live streaming of all ITV channels plus a 30-day catch up service. All they ask in return is that you wear a huge grin so they can rub it in the silly monkey faces of the BBC. In saying that however, i have to tell you that watching the Champions League online will still cost ya £20 for a season ticket, no changes there.

The service supposedly will be available in the next few weeks which is another one notched up over the BBC, whose iPlayer isn't due for release until later in the year.

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