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Tuesday, 8 May 2007

Simple Guide To Replacing Your iPod Battery

So you have had your iPod for quite some time now and you've started to recognise that the battery just doesn't seem to be holding out for as long anymore. Well don't worry because you wont be the only one that's experiencing this, it is very well known that there is a bit of a problem with the iPod batteries. So your having a look at it and your thinking "How the hell do i get a new battery in this thing?" Well you have 3 options. Option A is sending it away to Apple with a cheque for $70. Option B is buying a big chunky battery backup device that sits on your iPod like a hikers rucksack, or there is option C which is get a battery and put it in yourself!

Not to keen on cracking open your iPod and messing about with its organs? Don't worry, there really is nothing to it. When you buy your replacement battery kit, it comes with everything you need from tools to instructions and of course the battery! In the end it will be a lot cheaper and your iPod will be running as if it were brand new plus no silly add-ons such as battery backups. Below is a video on how to change your battery.

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1 comment:

abiscotti said...

great video. i recently purchased a new ipod battery online, although it was pretty simple to replace, i can see where it would get tough for people. the site i got my battery from also has videos of someone replacing a battery actually using the tools and instructions that are sent to you with your replacement battery. i found this really really helpful. i had a great experience replacing the battery on my own. maybe this can be helpful to some of you out there trying to decide whether or not to just buy a whole new ipod or just replace the battery.