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Tuesday, 8 May 2007

Curry's Pull The Plug On Cassette Tapes

Is this true? Audio tapes are being pulled from electrical stores? Had they not already been pulled? Personally i forgot about the tape a long time ago. The days of recording your favourite tunes when they came on the radio and making soppy mix tapes are long gone to me.

In 1989 Curry's sold 83 million tapes, last year they managed to sell 100,000. I am surprised they managed to sell that much! I mean lets face it, this is a world of MP3, cassette tapes are for really old people who are still living in the stone age. Along with the tapes, Curry's will be phasing out tape decks as well. With less than 5% of audio equipment equipped with tape decks these days i don't see this taking too long.

This news on cassette tapes adds to the death of the floppy disk earlier in the year which is really making 2007 an "out with the old and in with new" year (if we haven't had one of those already)

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