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Wednesday, 9 May 2007

Top Summer Gadget: Wireless Outdoor Solar Speaker

With summer approaching fast, the urge to make a right mess of a barbecue while getting seriously sloshed in the back garden is beginning to get too great. Now for a proper summer shindig we all know that you need to have a decent player that will blast out those beats right? and the ghetto blaster that drunk Uncle Dave keeps standing on sending out the tunes from the kitchen just isn't enough! No fear, this year you can be the saviour of the garden binge with this Wireless Outdoor Solar Powered Speaker!

No batteries, no cable extensions, no problems! The solar panel will keep it charged using nothing but the ray's of the sun and no there isn't a catch and no, setting it up wont send the blood pressure through the roof!

Here is a simple 3 step guide as to how it is set up:

1) Plug the mains transmitter into the wall.
2) Plug your MP3 Player/Stereo/PC into the mains transmitter.
3) Take the speaker outside, plant it in with the roses or the strawb's out of Uncle Dave's way, then press ON.

Now if you are thinking, "Great!, now i can organise my very own music festival in the back garden!" then you would be wrong. The 5W power it pumps out is not really enough to create your own rave cave but is perfect for a burnt barbecue on a sunny Sunday! This great gadget is available from Firebox and should definitely be near the top on your summer gadgets shopping list.

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