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Wednesday, 9 May 2007

New Invention Allows Disabled Children To Drive Radio-Controlled Cars!

UK electronics expert Mike Heath has put together a new device in the form of a hat! that allows disable children to drive radio-controlled toys. It has been named The Dream Racer and has been officially launched. This amazing new cap is also being altered so that it will work on Sony Playstation consoles as well, this version will be named The Dream Gamer and is set to be released in the Summer time.

The hat works by motion sensors, 4 in total, which detect movements of the head which in turn will transfer them over to the toy to control the direction. The sensors are wired in such a way that will allow two different directions to interact with each other, which will allow better control.

This new technology was originally designed by a five year old boy who was left paralysed after a car crash but it is by no means restricted to just children. It can also be a very useful gadget to adults. The new hat can be adapted to work with the PC. This means that adults with disabilities that stop them from being able to use a PC can really benefit from this technology, helping them learn new skills and could lead them to possible careers. What a bloody great invention!

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