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Thursday, 10 May 2007

Mobile TV To Push Out Music And Games On Phones

Top mobile researchers have announced this week that they believe that it wont be long before TV via mobile will be the peoples number 1 mobile application, ahead of music and gaming. It is pretty unlikely that us Brits will be flicking through the channels on our mobiles any time soon, but, there are services currently available in Japan, South Korea and Italy and they are attracting millions of subscribers! Statistics say that in Japan and South Korea there are 5.8m people watching TV on their mobile phones with millions more watching on other hand held devices and in-car equipment. In Italy, Vodafone and Sky Italia's recently launched Mobile TV service has attracted half a million subscribers. The service has 17 channels to choose from and can be paid for monthly or you can get it for free if you sign up to a contract.

The argument against Mobile TV at the moment is, the majority feel that the quality is not all that great and watching TV on the smallest of screens is not exactly ideal, to be honest, squinting into a mobile phone with my hands cupped around the screen to keep the light out isn't my favourite way to watch TV. One point i want to make here however is that, it wasn't all that long ago where the idea of taking pictures with a phone was wild! and browsing the Internet on your mobile was amazing! and recording your own videos was just insane! The exact same things were said about these applications and now people cant imagine these luxuries not being a part of their mobile. If these guys say that mobile TV is going to be huge, then it is most likely to be true!

Check Out This Video On Mobile TV

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