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Friday, 11 May 2007

MP3 Players To Have Sat Nav?

UK scientists are planning on adding satellite navigation technology to MP3 players to help guide lost and desperate souls around cities. On the move rockers will be able to program a destination into their MP3 player and be directed as they stroll to their sounds. The technology will be developed to allow users to personalise the system to their own preference. For example, just say you have programed in a destination, if you are heading in the right direction, your music will play through both headphones and will signal you to turn right or left by shifting volume to different ears.

Another feature is a "nudge alert". Lets say you are visiting an unfamiliar city, perhaps on a day out or trip and you have an appetite for museums and art galleries. You program into your device that they tickle your fancy and it will alert you when there is one nearby, by either a physical tap or vibration. If you ignore the device it will stop nudging you until it finds something else that might be of interest to you! What a clever little thing!

Swansea and Glasgow universities have received funding for the three-year project and are working on it as we speak.

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carl said...

This sounds quite interesting, and potentially useful, but on the other it also has privacy issues when you could then be tracked by who know who. Be nice to have the option though, for those that would find it useful.

brandnew said...

I agree carl, i think it has potential and would be a great accesory to city life but i'm not sure if its purpose is so that MI5 can keep tabs on you.