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Tuesday, 19 June 2007

Astronaut Sunita Williams Sets New Space Endurance Record

Female astronaut Sunita Williams has set yet another record, this time for the longest unbroken space flight by a woman. On Saturday morning at 05:47 GMT, Sunita surpassed the record of 188 days and 4 hours set by Shannon Lucid in 1996.

Sunita who is aboard the International Space Station also set the record for the longest female spacewalk at 22 hours 27 minutes. The previous record was just over 21 hours set by Kathryn Thornton. During her time aboard the International Space Station Sunita has also ran the Boston Marathon on a treadmill!.

“She truly is a space marathoner who shows young women everywhere that there's a place in the space program for them.” said fellow astronaut Eileen Collins. Sunita returns to earth on June 21st which by then will giver her a total of 194 days in Space.

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