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Monday, 18 June 2007

WND Wind DUO 2000: It's Double Sided, Its 2 Mobiles In 1

Its the answer to the business man's prayers. With the man in the suit nowadays running multiple mobile contracts at once, this latest phone creation could just sort out a few of his problems. This year we have seen the start of the double sided mobile phone craze with creations such as Samsung's F300 mobile phone but this one from WND Telecom is a little bitty different. It's not a phone/music player or phone/Internet browser. It is a phone/err.... phone!

The Wind Duo 2000 from WND Telecom has 2 screens, 2 keypads and 2 Sim cards. Completely and utterly 2 phones in 1. This means swapping between phones for work and leisure time are a thing of the past. Just flip it over and Voila! different mobile!

When i first saw this i thought it was yet another Moto Creation but it ain't. It is very similar to the Motorola SLVR though as you can see for yourself. WND Telecom have announced that this is heading for the UK but the exact date is not yet set.

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