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Tuesday, 29 January 2008

O2 Announce Cheaper iPhone Tariffs For The UK

The attitude towards the Apple iPhone here in the UK is kind of, "Well yeah, it's a cool phone and all, i get it, but how do i pay rent once I've bought one?" Well O2 have announced that from February 1st 2008 they are to offer improved tariff deals on the Apple iPhone, meaning that at long last the Apple iPhone might just be value for money.

The current iPhone Tariffs are at £35 a month, £45 a month and £55 a month. If you are on the £35 deal you will currently be getting 200 minutes and 200 texts. Now the minutes on the £35 a month deal have been tripled to 600 and the texts have been bolstered to 500. The £45 a month will now be the same as the current £55 a month deal giving you 1200 free minutes and 500 free texts while the £55 a month deal will be banished and be replaced with a £75 a month deal. All you guys out there on the £55 deal need not to worry though, you will not be forced into paying £75 a month, you will be put down to the £45 deal which will give you the same amount of minutes and texts that you were on already only you will be getting them for ten bucks less! The new £75 a month deal will give you a massive 3000 free minutes a month plus your 500 free texts of course.

The best part is that these new tariffs will apply to both new and existing customers. If it was O2's outrageous tariffs that were stopping you from investing in an iPhone before, you have no excuse now.

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