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Monday, 21 January 2008

HD-DVD Update - Toshiba HD-EP30 At All Time Low Price

Toshiba slashes HD-DVD prices yet again!

Less than a week after Toshiba cut the price of their HD-EP30 player, they have slashed it again. This time they have chopped off another 30 quid taking it down to a lowly £150. But this is not the best part, wait for it... Amazon have chopped the price even more and the HD-EP30 player is now at an embarrassing £119.99 and yes, you still get the 7 free movie titles as well my movie obsessed friends. Strike while the iron is hot and get yourself over to Amazon now to take them up on this incredible offer.

Available at Amazon

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1 comment:

El Di Pablo said...

I think this was a really smart move on Toshiba's part because up until now it looked like Blueray was going to win the war.

-El Di Pablo