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Friday, 18 January 2008

AirMail - Manila Style Envelope For Macbook Air

At Macworld Steve Jobs pulled out the Macbook Air from a standard-sized manila envelope, a move which left all Apple lovers watching, gasping for air. Even though it is only a couple of days after Macbook Air's unveiling, the accessories have already been made. Yes, two self-confessed Apple geeks have designed a laptop case resembling a manila envelope so you can pull your own version of the Steve Jobs move whenever you like.

The AirMail "envelope" is handmade out of durable upholstery-grade vinyl, lined with a fuzzy, soft fleece and is the same size as your run of the mill manila envelope. The geeks have said that AirMail is good enough to protect your Macbook Air from cosmetic damage, smudges and keep it safe from bumps in daily use. However it is not suitable for extreme circumstances, so it appearing in the next James Bond movie is highly unlikely.

For a £1200 laptop I'd prefer a case in the form of an Army Tank, soldier included rather than an envelope lined with "bum fluff" but for the pure fun of it, it would be 15 quid well spent. You can buy one right here.

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